Our hemp plants are responsibly grown on our multi-generational family farm. Nurtured from seed, our hemp is carefully hand planted and grown amongst white clover to thrive during the entire vegetative and flowering periods.  Our hemp plants are organically grown with sustainable farming practices and natural nutrients provided by the rich soil of our fields. 

We care for our hemp plants beginning in the greenhouse, throughout summer, later hand harvested and hung to naturally cure to retain the pureness of each plant’s fundamental healing.  Throughout this entire process, our hemp is fully satiated by natural sunlight, moonlight, wind and other seasonal rhythms creating a high quality and dynamic raw material.

The oil from our hemp is extracted in a GMP, organic and biodynamic certified facility. This ensures a controlled environment in which to maintain the integrity and purity of both our hemp plants and its extracted oil. 

We perform extensive third party testing on our hemp plants and oil using labs that adhere to comprehensive, medical-grade controls and processes to ensure utmost quality, potency and consistency. 

Conservation is an important tenet and priority of our farm management.  We are honored to have been recognized by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), State of Wisconsin, and awarded Conservation Landowner of the Year.  Our farm is located in The Driftless Region which is a geologically significant area and we take our stewardship of the land to heart.

High quality CBD products require high quality hemp.  We honor this commitment to PureLee Farms portfolio of CBD products and adhere to this belief with our land stewardship, sustainable farming, and organic practices.